This is NOT My Life: The Late Night Improv Chat Show is a new comedic improv format devised by Harry Allmark and Ted Milligan. The format revolves around the audience supplying the information for a fictional celebrity, why they are famous and a secret item they have come on the show to plug. As the interviewer chats with the guest about their life, they jump to and from the chat show to specific and meaningful moments in the celebrities life.
The format was first performed at the InterAct Festival in March 2019 under the name 'Tee Hee 2, In T2'. After development, it was performed again at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019, including a performance at 'Improv: Cage Match' to 90+ people.
The next performance of This is NOT My Life takes place at the Prized Whale Productions Launch Party. Keep up to date with Prized Whale Productions for future events.

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